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Cantine vini biologici meloni

vini bio prodotti in sardegna

In Vino Vita
All wines originate from nature. The organic ones, in addition, preserve it and keep it alive.

A new suit

At a certain point in our history, we looked at ourselves in the mirror and we saw one of the largest organic vineyards of Italy.We looked outside and we realized that a new life was waiting for us.So, we decided to put on our best suit, a suit which, in reality, we already had on: we just had to show it.
vineyards organic wine | Cantine Meloni Starting from the vine and its leaf, original source of wines, we started a veritable metamorphosis, being aware of making organic wines means allowing nature to express itself freely and to continue to live within its fruits.Thus the leaf became a butterfly, a pleasing representation of Nature and Spring, a season when everything renews, just as our winery has done.

Good wines with nature

To produce wines, it’s not enough to cultivate the earth, but we must also respect it. For Meloni Vini, quality means sustainability and love for Nature. In fact to obtain an excellent wine we not only produce it in the best way, but also without impairing the environment in which it’s born; this is possible thanks to organic farming.The organic method results in a deeper relationship between vines and earth, making the final product characterized by a unique typicality. vineyards organic wine | Cantine Meloni In 1995 we converted our vineyards to organic agriculture and since then we have collected everything that nature can offer when it’s left free to express itself. We know that we don’t have to force the earth, because it spontaneously bears it's best fruits when you work for it and not against it.It’s for this reason that our wines are good, also with Nature.

Master’s Labels

Everything starts from nature and its authentic expression is well represented by animals that live in it, especially Sardinia’s species preferring unspoilt habitats.This is why each of our wines is represented by one of these particular animals. The artist who has painted our labels is Roberta Congiu; she used a very special technique: the ball-point pen on paper. vineyards organic wine| Cantine Meloni In this way Meloni Vini want to re-propose its wines as being little works of art enclosing nature, that is, life itself.All wines for large-scale retail distribution, instead, narrate a fairy tale about the animal illustrated on the front label; these stories are about nature’s ability of giving life to everything. The back labels dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca Channel present some thoughts signed by our internationally renowned wine-maker, Maurizio Castelli.